Balance Flooring

The farrowing slat with moveable sow slat
  • Reduce the number of smothered and crushed piglets;
  • As soon as the sow lies down, the sow's slat will drop to the level of the piglet floor;
  • When the sows gets up again, the sow slat will rise to a safe height;
  • Flexible positioning of the sow: straight or even diagonal set up if required;
  • Passage for the piglets in front of and behind the sow;
  • Labour saving: less extensive monitoring of the farrowing places;
  • Easy operation by the sow through floor-mounted or side-mounted switching;
  • The piglet slats can be made of solid plastic (Blue Deck) or Super Coated expanded metal or woven wire.
  • Quick and easy to install.
Balance Flooring Standard Farrow Housing
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