VR-H Valves

VR-H Valve‏

The valve that maintains a water level. The VR-H Valve incorporates two important changes. The first is a new double-layer membrane which therefore lasts twice as long, and the other is a simpler, more practical and much faster opening and closing mechanism. These modifications the performance of the VR-H, the success of which is due to its ability to maintain a homogenous water level and maximise water availability.

  • During lactation water may limit milk production.
  • High water availability prevents that sows get tired.
  • By mixing water and feed, feed intake is stimulated.
  • Individual treatment of every sow during lactation.
  • Maximizes water availability, redicing water spoilage up to a 50%.
  • The traditional system of long feeding and drinking trough with one valve leads to unequal water levels along the length of the trough and usually especially at the down stream end of the trough. This problem is eliminated by installing several VRH valves along the length of the trough.
  • Uniform water level from the beginning to the
VR_H 3 Valve

The VRH-3 water level valve makes its use easier.
  • The VRH-3 gives an optimal performance, its success lays in keeping a constant level of water in a trough or a bowl, maximising water availability.
  • Its works without any electrical or mechanical gadget.
  • Optimized diaphragm.
  • Easy opening: manual opening and closing. No tool is required.
  • Water supply's tap at the back.
  • Fast down pipe connection, pipe does not require tread.
  • Works with lower water pressure.

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