Powerline Insulation

Advantages Of Powerline Insulation
  • The Lambda value of Powerline insulation is 0.024W/mK The U value of Powerline insulation: 0.024 / 0.05 = 0.48 m²K/W The lower the Lambda and U value the better the insulation
  • With a 60mm of another insulation board with a lambda value of 0.037 W/mK You achieve a U value of only 0.61 m²K/W This is a lot worse than 50mm Powerline So a lambda value of 0.024 is more than 30% better than 0.037
  • Powerline has a better fire behaviour than extruded polystyrene Powerline has European fire class D where as extruded polystyrene only has class E. D is better than E. And even in end use, the Powerline has European fire class Bs2d0
  • Another advantage of Powerline compared to polystyrene: Powerline does not melt! There are no burning droplets with Powerline.
  • Powerline --> longer boards --> fewer joints! = less thermal bridges
  • Powerline --> with the profiles it is very easy to clean with a high pressure water jet. You will not damage the joints of the boards
  • The white Powerline facing reflects better the light.

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