Manufactured exclusively by Centriforce Products, Stokbord is a general purpose, value for money board manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, including agricultural farm film. It can be fabricated and welded for a variety of agricultural applications, including:
  • Sheep and pig pens
  • Poultry housing
  • Cattle handling races
  • Sheeting gates
  • Feed trailer floors
  • Grain stores and bins
  • Lining troughs
  • Partition boards

This leading sheet brand, Stokbord offers more benefits than traditional plywood. It also provides significant long term cost savings as it does not rot and once installed, it requires no upkeep:
  • Maintenance free – never needs painting or treating
  • Rot proof – unaffected by water/animal waste
  • Chew resistant – non toxic
  • Hygienic – steam or pressure clean
  • Easy to fabricate – Stokbord can be welded, routed and cut
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
Stokbord is supplied in standard size sheets of 2440mm x 1220mm with a thickness of 6, 9 or 12mm and is available in black or grey. Other sizes are available on request.
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